Friday, 24 October 2008

music matters

There are the bands that I love with all my heart. (In no particular order.) 

Belle and Sebastian
Broken Family Band
Arctic Monkeys

I can't really listen to any of them when I'm writing. No sirree. I start singing along and getting far too distracted. 

My best ever, number one spot for band I can listen when writing is (drumroll please)...

The Lemonheads. 

Random, I know. I think they have just the right blend of tunefulness and familiarity and background warmth. I don't know why they never got more famous. I think they're great. Shame About Ray is the obvious place to start, but Come on Feel is very underrated I feel. And very good to write along to. Trust me. 

(And when you've stopped writing, definitely listen to the Broken Family Band - Welcome Home Loser is a good album to start with). 

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