Thursday, 12 February 2009

Some words about some stuff

So, you know, winning isn't everything.

By which I mean: I didn't win. But that's ok. 

This is what I learned from the whole experience of having my comedy selected, performed and judged in a competition:
  • Writing is fun. I forgot that for a while. (By a while, I mean about a decade.)
  • Every line counts. And the bits you think are clever rarely are. 
  • People laugh at the reaction, not the 'funny' line. 
  • It's not just about the words. And less is probably more. 
  • Rewriting is essential. But also one of the most interesting parts of the process. 
  • Success is subjective. (Short homily follows.) I reckon that if you don't love what you're writing, you could win an Oscar and still not be happy. Conversely, if you enjoy what you're writing, you can get knocked out of the first round of a competition and still feel pretty darned okay about the whole thing. 
  • And - did I mention? - writing is fun. Not always, not every second. But it is. 
(Herein ends this short attempt at wisdom.) 

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Claire said...

Well done honey. Sorry I couldn't be there. My disorganisation plus late meeting. x