Monday, 28 December 2009

of little consequence

Ah, the blogs I was going to write...

On Pitmen Painters (brilliant) and War Horse (more brilliant in some ways - puppetry, camp nazis - and less in others).

On discovering a proper, actual story in my script a mere 18 months after I started scrawling (yes, I learn quickly).

On finally writing something new.

On exciting theatre plans for 2010. (Very excited about Midsummer coming to Soho. Very.)

On the importance of theatre-going buddies and fellow writers.

On the difficulty of finding any spare energy to tip stuff out of my brain and onto paper and thence to screen.

But instead... Well, work got in the way. Not just in the usual way of keeping me busy. But in a new way of infecting my every waking minute and hour and not, generally speaking, in a good way. Even now, in the midst of Xmas hols.

And there, in a nutshell, is also the reason I haven't been doing this blog as regularly as I could have. Because it would be one long, tedious moan. And I don't really want to inflict that on the world, any more than I am, um, doing now.

Some good news? I'm off on my holidays in a couple of days. A proper holiday. To a far-flung destination. Where my poor tired brain will hopefully recover and regain some cheer. Some much-needed cheer.

In the meantime, can I just wish anyone who has taken the time to read these meagre ramblings a very happy new year. And although I don't do new year resolutions as such, I will strongly attempt to be less moany in 2010. And, who knows, I might even write a review of a play in the opening week, as opposed to the closing week like what I have been mainly doing this year... But I'm not making any promises...

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