Thursday, 2 April 2009

hey jealousy (see footnote)

So, am packing my room up and it's a bit weird and a bit sad because I've been here for three years (not the whole time in this room, obviously) and it's quite strange having to leave.  

Most of my brain has been taken up with finding a new place to live lately, and one thing of the various things about this that is mildly rubbish is my utter lack of writing. All I've been doing is reading about other, very successful writers and getting quite jealous. And much as I'd like to say I've taken my jealousy and directed it towards writing something really amazing... I haven't. I've just festered a bit and muttered about 'ckin 19-year-olds with Royal Court commissions and the like. 

I was working in Virgin Megastores in the home town when I was 19, and it was not a happy time, let me tell you. The most exciting aspect of the job was occasionally being able to choose some music to play as were clearing away after the shop had shut. I put on some Belle and Sebastian. Obviously. And I had a mild crush on a boy with long hair for the first and last time in my life. (The long hair bit I mean.) 

Oh yes, those were the days. 

Which is just about enough packing avoidance for now, so I better get back to it... Such a glamorous life I lead. 

*I was going to try and make the title to the Gin Blossoms doing Hey Jealousy from the 90s, in an attempt at an indie-pop one hit wonder reference, for no good reason at all. But YouTube has taken its ball home and won't play no music no more. The thought was there.


Brian Keaney said...

'Whenever a friend succeeds a little something in me dies.' Gore Vidal

Swankified said...

So tomorrow will you drive around this town, and let the cops chase us around?

I feel old now - I remember when that song was NEW.